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Eyelash extensions are the exceptional beauty treatment that has exclusively taken the planet by storm.

During the eyelash extensions treatment in Edmonton, AB, synthetic individual eyelashes are enforced to your own natural lashes to craft a fuller, thicker look. One extension is enforced to one confined natural lash in a way that does not damage or inhibit the general growth patterns of your own eyelashes.

Best Eyelash Extensions in Edmonton, AB

Here at INS Studio, we are passionate about best eyelash extensions in Edmonton, AB, and giving our customers the very finest extensions out there. We are specialists within this inferior and recognize all there is to actually know about eyelash extensions.

We are always advanced with the latest products and techniques utilized within our industry, and all of our products and techniques are secure. Our professionals are working hard to educate our customers, and others, that extensions do not cause harm if enforced correctly and are the ideal treatment for anyone; female, male, young and old.

A correctly enforced set of eyelash extensions will eventually not cause damage, discordant to belief, however as a customer you must assure that you research your professional thoroughly, as not all professionals uphold high standards that are set here at INS Studio, and as such we still go on to improve or repair the harm caused by others.

It is not ‘one look suits all’, but a range of looks than can be developed, from very natural to a more dramatic impact.

We custom enhance our INS Studio sets to suit the individual customer, taking into consideration their eye shape, face shape, and needs.

Here at INS Studio, we are not just lash artists, but professionals at eye styling, to assure that you receive a set of lashes that are ideal for you.