INS Studio

Are you considering having custom facial or Botox to exclusively smooth out your wrinkles in Edmonton, AB? The most crucial considerations for you should be your security, the experience of your practitioner and the products being utilized.

Our prime priority is YOU –your results, your security and our relationship with you.

Selecting a highly qualified professional is important to receiving a secure treatment and accomplishing the best probable results. Custom facial and Botox treatment are the most beloved treatments for women and men in Edmonton, AB.

All facials are certainly not alike. The experts at INS Studio provide medical-grade skin care and custom facials that clinically enhance the quality of your skin over time. Call our professionals to know more or fix a consultation.

Custom Facial and Botox treatment In Edmonton

Our experts are highly qualified, accredited, licensed experts utilizing the highest quality of approved products. Unlike other spaces, we only utilize registered professionals to commence the treatments so you are in very secure hands.

Here at INS Studio, we pride on our philosophy of providing a subtle, natural, healthy result. Not frozen with any expression. Our prime objective is to accomplish a natural, refreshed, well rested, glow.

Drawing on their comprehensive experience with therapeutic elements, our clinical professionals’ custom-blend each facial to assist firm, correct, hydrate and clarify the skin to recover its optimum look, texture, and feel.

All INS Studio facials start with a thorough assessment of your skin and involve pore extractions and gentle steaming when required. You will also get considerations for an at-home skincare appointment, which can involve medical-grade products accessible exclusively at medical skin care clinics like INS Studio.

Therapeutic and luxurious, our facials are the ideal prescription for beautiful skin.