INS Studio

Reward yourself with this amazing package of spa pedicure and foot massage. Begin with feet soaked in calming and warm herbal mixture with scented oil follow with nail reshaping, trimming, exfoliating, cuticle care, and callus reduction. Then foot reflexology massage is committed to your lower legs and feet.

For enhancing the condition of your feet and nails, INS Studio - a prominent spa pedicure salon offers foot massage service at a vying price in Edmonton, AB. Our professionals use high standard mineral extract to exclusively treat nail diseases and nails disorder.

Reliable Foot Massage Services In Edmonton, AB

Our experienced and dedicated professionals consists of medical professionals as well as beauty experts who use appropriate medicated herbs, mineral oils and other advanced procedures to enhance the conditions of your feet and nails in Edmonton, AB

Foot massage is a massage of the lower legs and feet. Foot massage is extremely relaxing and includes hands-on massage. Acupressure and stretching assists in stimulating reflex points. You will certainly leave the session feeling balanced, relaxed and invigorate.

Benefits of INS Studio Foot Massage Service:

•    Foot massage helps in reducing stress
•    Improves blood circulation
•    Refresh feet skin
•    Trimming of nails
•    Moisturization of skin

This is not only a pedicure service, this is a complete foot therapy. Customize care for your feet involving proper maintenance of your cuticles and nails, exfoliation, massage, and treatment masque.  This is a necessary spa experience to eventually bring your feet back into balance.